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Accugen has developed an accurate calibrator AccuCal™, and complementary RealCount™ software that allows absolute quantification of each and every gene of interest, without the need for reference genes or standard curves.

Copy number quantitation with AccuCal™:

  • Is easy and quick to use with your existing protocol
  • Is compatible with most master mixes and thermocyclers
  • Does not require optimisation or development of new protocol
  • Does not require standard curve validation for new assays
  • Allows comparison of results between runs and between laboratories
  • Negates the need for reference/housekeeping genes.
  • Data similar to using reference gene. See below:
Figure above. Expression of genes was assessed in rat lung samples. RealCount software calculated copy number per input of cDNA using AccuCal standards. In parallel relative expression of same genes was assessed with comparative Ct method using two stable across the samples reference genes Ppia and TBP. * represents significance to the control.
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